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How to connect Hololens to PC?


How to access the HoloLens device content on PC?. I have tried typing the IP address of Hololens on my PC browser by connecting Hololens through USB.But I am getting error Page.Please tell me out:)


  • @Afreen_Firdous26,
    What errors are you seeing?

    Some things I would recommend trying:

    • Double check that the HoloLens is in developer mode and that the Device Portal is enabled
    • Confirm that you have the development tools installed on your PC.
    • Reboot both the HoloLens and the PC
    • Try a different USB cable and/or port (on your PC)

    For reference, here is a direct link to the documentation topic on Using the Windows Device Portal.


  • Hi DavidKlineMS mod,

    Thanks a lot I was able to connect HoloLens to PC.
    Actually the device portal was disabled on my device.So, that's the reason I was getting error page.

    I am trying to see the application which is currently running on HoloLens on my PC simultaneously?Do we have any option for projecting the HoloLens screen?
    This would be useful in the demonstration purpose where the audience can also see what a user of HoloLens is currently viewing.

  • Hi DavidKlineMS mod,

    I found that option on live preview under Mixed Reality Capture.

    Sorry to ask you series of questions,but I am unable to find the size of my application.


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