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Pre-requisites for Halolens development

I am new to Hololens and its app development
I have gone through the requirements for Halolens development from this link
But still some doubt lingers and want to get it straight without having suprises later

Other than buying the Halolens and having a machine with Windows 10 and Vis. std 2015 installed , I assume i don't have to invest in any other software or Hardware for halolens development . is that a right ?


  • @Mahesh,
    You are correct, the Install the Tools link lists the current requirements for developing for HoloLens using Unity. There are no other hardware requirements other than a PC and your HoloLens.

    If you prefer to develop with a different engine (or write your own), Unity is not required.

    If you choose to develop using Unity, you will need to follow their licensing requirements. Please see the Unity site for specific requirements and information.


  • Dear DavidKline

    Thanks for your reply

    Yes, I intend to use Unity . But I suppose whatever is required for Hololens app development with unity, it comes free . pasted below from the INstall the tools page
    "HoloLens support in Unity is available through a custom version of the Unity Editor and Runtime which is now available to download for free on the Unity website"

    and in another place I saw this
    "To get started building holographic apps with Unity, install the HoloLens development tools which include the Unity HoloLens Technical Preview. The Unity HoloLens Technical Preview is based off of the Unity 5.4 builds. Be sure to check back regularly for updated Unity builds."

    Could you confirm if that is correct. Do i still need to buy the license for Unity ?


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