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Reset scene origin in Unity

I'm working on an app where the user can place various objects, including a terrain. This works fine for objects, but unfortunately, a Unity terrain cannot be rotated. My idea is to keep the terrain at the scene origin and when the user wants to move it, I'll just move all the other objects in the scene around it. However, I'm concerned about other size effects.

What will this do to the HoloLens position tracking? How will it affect SpatialMapping? What about the WorldAnchorManager?


  • Davon92Davon92
    edited November 2016

    just make sure to note that 0,0,0 is by default the hololense headset origin so you may need to move the hololense (unsure if that causes issues later).

    However, if the terrain is the parent of the created objects or another objects is a parent of the terrain and the create objects then spatial mapping should still function reasonably.

    I was able to make an app that allowed admins place objects as well aside from a terrain object. but your method of moving objects around the terrain seem fine as long as either the terrain is the parent or some other game object serves as a parent with everything as a child of that object.

    i'm not to familiar with anchors so as far as that is concerned I am of no help.

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