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How does Hololens handle changes in loaded spatial data?

mtycholazmtycholaz ✭✭
edited April 2016 in Questions And Answers

Here's the scenario,

  1. Pin a hologram to a wall
  2. Save the current state/spatial data of the location of this item
  3. Turn off the hololens
  4. Turn it back on and load the state information
  5. Where will the hologram be?
  6. What if I turned 180 degrees, and then turned on the hololens? If I turned around, could I expect the hologram to be where it should be? If I pin a hologram within large environments (like a warehouse) and walk around, will they be where I left them?

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  • Hello,

    HoloLens is constantly trying to learn and adapt to the environment around you.
    If you pinned an application in your world, it will stay world locked at that location.
    As you move around and scan your world, you will find your application where you left it.


  • Well, this I understand when the device has power. But what about when it's powered off? Will holograms be back in their previous position?

  • @mtycholaz
    Yes, your hologram locations are preserved when you turn the HoloLens off and then back on.


  • How is this accomplished? There's no GPS built-in, and I keep thinking scenarios where you'd enter a building from a different entrance (by first powering it off, move to a different entrance and then power on) wouldn't work because there's no reference point. And constantly scanning and comparing spatial data seems like it would drain the battery fast.

  • edited April 2016

    HoloLens builds a map and stores it inside it's cache and/or flash storage. It lasts/persists even after main power has been removed. According to the write up the HoloLens can be on standby up to at least 2 weeks, so I'll assume just as standard flash as long as there is enough juice to keep flash it can stay persisted at least that long. The write up also says it has a 64GB Flash, which stands to reason the map can hold that amount. Let's just say the way it recognizes different rooms/environments is thru it's custom machine learning detection algorithms.

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  • @Dwight_Goins_EE_MVP said:
    Let's just say the way it recognizes different rooms/environments is thru it's custom machine learning detection algorithms.

    Impressive and creepy. They must have pieces of hedge stone in that thing to make it work.

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