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ZXing Unity Barcode DLL Issue



  • @Jarrod1937 So, I just come back after more test on my code based on UWP capture rather than the Unity cam, and it work like a charm. You can make a continue scan at 30-45 FPS and it analyse more than 10 frame in a second. The only matter is actually my detection code sucks (not optimized at all) and I'm barely able to reckognize a QR Code 3x3cm wide at 1m.5 at least. I'm going to update again with a full package when I will make it work well.

    @mtaulty thank you for your github, I reused some part in the QRCodeDecoder that help me to work with the UWP. Maybe it's just me, but I don't get the point of your wrapper ? What was the interest behind ?

  • @Shad - if I remember rightly, the 'wrapper' that I wrote was a single static function which found the right media source, set up the QR code decoder and came back with a QR code result within a specific timeout by calling into a caller-supplied callback.

    the idea was to reduce the amount of code needed to get a QR code down to a single line and (at the time) to avoid having to use async/await inside of Unity.

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