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Questions about world anchor sharing.

edited December 2016 in Questions And Answers

I'm having troubles sharing world anchor between multiple devices:
1) When I try to serialize/deserialize large anchor blob (about 25 mb), I receive error: world lock deserialization failed hololens. The only way to prevent it, is to delete the space data from settings, but doing this every time is too much. Is there a way to prevent this error?
2) What affects the anchor size? I thought it depends only on current space, more hololens knows -> more anchor byte array
3) I mentioned, that 100% accuracy in sharing is reached by having anchor size more than 18 mb for large room, or, when more than 80% of the room has mesh data. But this amount is not generated immediately. Is it possible to run SurfaceObserver, scan the room and use generated data.? Is it possible to save SurfaceMeshes directly to device memory?
4) Is it possible to force anchor locating process? So the isLocated became true?

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