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Holograms 230 - Spatial mapping - Can't see triangles - Unity 5.5.0f3

Hello Everybody

I tryed now the whole day, to get the tutorial Holograms 230 - Spatial mapping running on my hololens. I done all the steps described in the tutorial but I can not see any Triangles after Chapter 1 - Build and Deploy (part 1). I just see nothing.

I deleted the whole project, redownloaded the sources and restarted several times, no success.

The Log of VS 15 says:
If your machine has multiple graphics adapters, Unity may have created a WindowContext on the wrong adapter. If you experience a black screen when playing, please restart the Editor.

(Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/Runtime/VR/VRDevice.cpp Line: 174)

But as I could read, this should not be the problem.

So I wonder, has anybody done this tutorial with Unity 5.5.0f3? Did you had success?

Thanks a lot for every kind of input!

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  • Hi @lukaswerz,
    It sounds like your project might not have the 'Virtual Reality Supported' option turned on. When this step is missed, nothing will be rendered on the HoloLens.

    Have you tried to build/run the project in the Completed folder that comes with the class? In the completed project, the triangles will only be rendered for ~10 seconds before planefinding takes over and then the occlusion material is used instead.

    If you want to see triangles longer, just increase scan time and/or change the 'Secondary Material' to be 'Wireframe' on the 'Play Space Manager' script component of the 'SpatialProcessing' object in your scene.

    I am using Unity 5.50f3 with the latest files downloaded from the link in the course.

  • I am having the exact same problem. If I follow the steps exactly it wont work. if I just overwrite the assets folder it does.

  • Hi @ahillier
    Thanks for your support. But I'm still not able to see the triangles. The 'Virtual Reality Supported' option was on...
    I can run the Completed Project, so I don't try to find the error anymore.

    Hi @AtA2k
    Thanks for your support too! It did not help either.

  • Hi,

    I am having same problem may like you problem.
    In my case, i can see the spatial mapping mesh in Unity and Emulator, but i cannot see in my HoloLens. After i set the main camera in central of the sence (0,0,0), it will be work. So, i think you can try it.

  • I'm having exactly same problem.
    I can't see any triangles when I built 'Build and Deploy (part 1)' of Chapter 1, but when I build completed project, I can see triangles.

  • According to the doc https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/holographic/spatial_mapping_in_unity, I added SpatialMappingRenderer and SpatialMappingCollider (if you wish) into MainCamera (Add Component -> AR). Still I could not see anything, but after setting both of Occlusion Material and Visual Material to Wireframe or SpatialMappingWireframe, I could see all triangles on Emulator. I think Occlusion Material is the key material to make the mesh visible.

  • edited December 2016

    I got it to work after mirroring the quality settings of the completed project.

  • edited December 2016

    I worked on the exercise in a new project and it worked well. When I made alterations to an existing project, I was unable to see the triangles. I had to create a new folder on my desktop to build the Unity solution to get visuals on the HoloLens.

  • @roelkok That's the trick.
    In the youtube video of the chapter 1, when I looked at the video for about 7 min, I noticed that the Awake() code in the video and my downloaded code is different. And going through the code, I conclude that I have to trigger the observer manually.
    Thanks for the sharing!

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