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Can Hololens be used as an FVP flight goggle?

First: A receiver is necessary to feed video to the Hololens.

Something like:

From here I have no idea how to tell Unity to look for the video feed but once that is solved I think I can just create a WebCamTexture and the rest is manageable.

Does anyone have a direction to point me in?


  • You can try for the camera to stream video over http and look for that in simple UWP application.

    I tried working on something similar, I had a GoPro mounted on drone, which streamed on http and I captured that in an IP camera app on HoloLens.

    But you can try and write your own UWP app for that receiving the stream.

  • @chiddaan I noticed your first post in December and now this. Where you successful in getting an IP camera into your Hololens?

  • @ChaseBowman Yes, I was sucessful in doing so :)

  • How long was the video delay?

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