Will we have access to the the depth sensors, IR cameras, and RGB cameras data streams?

It's no secret this thing runs like a Kinect. Will we have access to the following streams?

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  • The closest I've seen is the locatable camera: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/holographic/locatable_camera

    Which gives RGB camera output along with 3D viewing ray coordinates.

  • @Dwight_Goins_EE_MVP said:

    Currently the only thing that is exposed is the web camera. The depth is given to us at a much higher level through Spatial Mapping.

    I haven't gotten around to checking it out myself yet, but are you saying currently the coordinates are not exposed or that I misread the documentation and they will never be exposed via the locatable camera? The 'Images with Coordinate Systems' seems to strongly imply that the spatial coordinates are provided along with the image capture.

  • The coordinates are, but not an array of pixels which correspond to the depth in meters per pixel. That's a Kinect concept, not a HoloLens concept. The raw depth values are processed by the HPU and exposed to us by the Spatial Mapping API, if I'm not mistaken. I don't see anywhere you can get the depth as an image, but color as an image is exposed through Media Foundation and the media capture APIs.

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