Windows Phone/Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor Test Request

I am going to publish a HoloLens Bluetooth LE sample application that connects with a Heart Rate Monitor (e.g., Polar H7 chest strap). It has been tested and works with a HoloLens device. I would like to also make it available for Windows 10 Phones but I don't have hardware for testing the app's compatibility with a Windows 10 phone. If anyone with a Windows 10 phone and chest-strap Heart Rate Monitor (Polar H7, Wahoo, Zephyr HxM Smart, etc.) would like to test my app, please contact me: Elliot Mebane,


  • Hello!! I cans seem to pair my Zephyr HxM with my HoloLens, it appears in the BloothTooth menu as 'ZephyrHXM000273636' but clicking on 'pair' yields no results.

    Perhaps I don't need to pair the Heart Monitor with the device at the system level and can pair and communicate through your Unity integration? There may be a mistake in some script as when I run your sample Scene the hear and text are upside down and move as I rotate (seems fine in the Editor!) I'll investigate)
  • Pairing first at the device level will be necessary, otherwise the app won't be able to find the HRM. I have paired a Zephyr HxM Smart with HoloLens so I can confirm that it works. I

    If you see upside-down content it's probably because you recently updated Unity. There's a camera configuration you can set to fix it:

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