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Should it be possible to load store apps in the emulator (Skype)?

I'm trying to test a scenario with the Skype client on HoloLens, and since I don't have a device yet, I thought I'd try with the emulator. I was able to load it up and use the device portal to launch the store though, but when I sign in and try to download Skype, it fails. Just wondering if this is expected, or if I should be able to use the app. Alternatively, if it's not possible to load via the store, is there a way to get the appx for the UWP skype app that I can sideload onto the emulator? I'm trying to validate a Skype interop scenario with the extra features that the hololens version provides (spatial markup, POV video), and see if I can get it working between Skype and SFB.


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