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How can I rotate on the Z axis?

Now it's only possible to rotate on the Y axis; how can i rorate on the Z axis?

Switching the axes doesn't solve my problem (after rotation, the position of my object isn't the same)


  • @NeurHolo

    What result are you after?
    Please tell us more about the gameObject you are trying to rotate:

    • does it have a parent game object
    • where is its origin point (pivot point)
    • are you trying to rotate it around the world origin or the gameObject's local origin

    Maybe you could share a screen shot or two?

    This thread shows the basic rotate syntax with y as the rotation axis, it should work the same for the Z axis if the parameters are shifted over to the Z argument position.

    My first guess is that the issue might be related to the gameObjects origin position.
    Here is a post (with some embedded links to other related posts) that talks about gameObject origin points.

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  • object doesnt have a parent. i want to make it rotate in real world origin.

    on unity rotating on different axes works okay. this problem is specifically on 3D Viewer Beta....

  • Sorry, my mistake, I thought you were asking a developer question. I didn't notice that the question was about the 3D Viewer App.

    Windows Holographic User Group Redmond

    WinHUGR.org - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - @WinHUGR
    WinHUGR YouTube Channel -- live streamed meetings

  • BUMP. Has anyone figured out how to rotate on other axis in 3D viewer beta? Is this an option?

  • So then, no answer to this question?

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