[OSX Parallels] Emulator crashes with memory management blue screen

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I'm unable to get my emulator running. It keeps crashing with this bluescreen:

Happens both while launching it from VS as well as Hyper-V Manager. Searching online hasn't yielded any help so far. I've already taken care to:

  • enable virtualization support in Parallels
  • enable Hyper-V in the Windows VM
  • pump as much RAM (4GB) into the emulator as I safely can

Any ideas, folks?

Here's my setup:

Host system:


Parallels virtual machine running Windows 10:

Hololens Emulator on VM:


Best Answer


  • BSODs are also known as Blue Screen of Deaths which is very common among in Windows users. It actually a major error caused a system crash and Windows cannot recover from it. Tip: You can use antivirus to Scan your system because the problem might be the damaged system files and these files are damaged because of a virus. Method 1: Check RAM: You need to check your RAM and unplug the ram, clean it and then plug in again. Because sometimes dust on RAM also caused this error.

    Method 2: Clear CMOS: Clearing the CMOS battery is a solution that has worked for a lot of users.

    Method 3: Run SFC: You need to Run SFC and to acknowledge the complete procedure to this method, must follow https://appuals.com/memory_management-bsod-blue-screen/ because it will help to get rid of this error.

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