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3D video (SBS, TB) on HoloLens

Will it be possible to view standard 3D video content (SBS, TB, etc.) through HoloLens?
If answer is "no" for built-in capabilities, will it be possible to control each eye's display to parse video frame and produce 3D effect?


  • you could create this in unity

  • Control per-eye display in unity? How? Have an example?

  • @AlexG said:
    Control per-eye display in unity? How? Have an example?

    well usually unity VR has 2 camera's that represent each eye. So you would render whatever content you want to each one of those cameras

  • Yea, but how to make sure each camera will be rendered by different eye display on holo?

  • Well... It was easier than I thought and without Unity.

    In basic UWP app, XAML MediaElement supports Stereo3DVideoPackingMode and Stereo3DVideoRenderMode which can automatically render 3D video (at least if DisplayProperties.StereoEnabled == true) and video file(encoding, packing mode) is supported by MediaElement.

  • Hi AlexG,
    Have you created live streams from one or more cameras using MediaElement with Stereo3dVideoPackingMode? It looks like this may be possible with MF_SampleExtension_3DVideo, but after scouring the web I have found no examples. Lots of warnings that this wasn't working in Win8, but no information whether or not it is now supported in Win10.
    Thanks, Jay

  • Nope.
    Also not tried how Stereo3DVideoPackingMode/Stereo3DVideoRenderMode works on HoloLens... Still awaiting for the device :)

  • @AlexG said:
    Yea, but how to make sure each camera will be rendered by different eye display on holo?

    maybe this link will help


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