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Tap gesture for object in fixed position

I'm looking into incorporating a menu button that is anchored to the corner of the screen, but am trying to think about how to open it. Would it be possible to do so with a tap gesture? How would that work though because the user has to gaze at it, but it's locked in its specific position? (Or is my only option to use a voice command for when the user isn't looking at any specific place?)


  • @TRR

    Have you considered something like the Tagalong concept? (see Holograms 210 & HoloToolkit)

    Microsoft has invested a lot of time and money researching the topic of body locked content and the related user experience and they strongly recommend against locking objects to the screen for reasons of user comfort as described in the Designing for mixed reality section of the docs.

    Combine that with the fact that "the corner of the screen" would need to take into account the devices limited FOV and you might find that anchoring a button to the corner may not result in the experience you are after.


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  • @HoloSheep Yes, I have looked at the Tag along and actually incorporated it in my project; however, the menu canvas gets in the way when the user is looking around, which is why I would like to lock a small icon to the corner of the screen where the user can then open it up (either via gesture or voice command or both). Do you have any suggestions for how to best deal with this problem?

  • In general, display-locking content is not something we like to encourage. In addition to making your user uncomfortable, if it really is in the corner of the screen, the user won't be able to select it with gaze/gesture as their gaze is always centered. @HoloSheep 's idea of using Tagalong is a good one. You can experiment around with the parameters so the menu tags to just outside of the holographic frame so the user just has to look left (or right) to access it. If your menu is still always getting in the way, a voice command to show/hide it might be the right way to go for your scenario.

  • @timg Thank you for your response. I think I'm going to forgo using the Tag along feature since it does seem to get in the way and seems to be an annoyance for some users.

    So I think I will take your advice with the voice commands, but do you think it would be better to have a small icon anchored with the command the user needs to say or to display text for a few seconds with the instructions (i.e. that the user needs to say a voice command)?

  • I'd start with the menu visible and tagging along and show some text like "say 'hide menu' to hide the menu". When you hide the menu, you can briefly show some text that says something like, "You can say 'show menu' to bring the menu back". I'd still keep the TagAlong script on the menu to give the user some control over where it is in their space.

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