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Hololens Hadware Updates

After products are shipped to all the waves, how will updating the hardware be handled? Will we be able to exchange our current Hololens for the newer build? I don't want to be stuck beta testing an older device when the problems I report have been solved, and the capabilities I have as a developer would be more limited stuck on an older version.


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  • BryanBryan ✭✭✭

    Sounds like a "no" to free hardware upgrades and a "yes" to free software upgrades.

  • @Bryan said:
    Sounds like a "no" to free hardware upgrades and a "yes" to free software upgrades.

    I would hope that Microsoft would stick to this model for a while and only have downloadable software upgrades. If they DO have a model change, it would be nice to have a sort of recall on the present product.

  • I understand the desire to focus on the current wave and move on to the next dev hardware program (possibly targeting education or industry [health][engineering]). I would hope that they offer some form of upgrade program to the commercial release when we get there (~4yrs) to us devs who help make the platform shine :)

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