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HoloLens sharing service


If I run "SharingService.exe -local" from Assets\HoloToolkit\Sharing\SharingService, it works fine, and I'm able to connect to it from my HoloLens. However, it I copy the SharingService.exe to a different directory and run it from there, it appears to start normally, but it doesn't recognize my HoloLens. Is there something in the Assets\HoloToolkit directory structure that the sharing service depends on? I see no error messages, and it appears to start normally in both cases.




  • jbienzmsjbienzms mod
    edited January 2017

    @mlongtin, I don't think there is anything specific about the directory. The getting started docs are here and the source code for the server itself is here.

    The only code I can see that might have something to do with the file location would be logging. I was going to ask if you were attempting to put the exe somewhere like Program Files where the exe would need admin privileges in order to create or write log entries, but then I looked at the logging code.

    It looks like the logging code tries to create a subfolder called SharingServiceLogs under s_defaultLogBaseLocation, but s_defaultLogBaseLocation defaults to C:\ so it really shouldn't matter what location the program is run from.

    Maybe looking at the source I linked to above might help you find the solution. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

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  • jbienz,

    Thanks for the info, that was very helpful! I saw that the c:\SharingServiceLogs does exist on my PC, and it contains logs that look correct.

    And thanks for verifying that the SharingService.exe has no DLL dependencies (aside from the standard OS DLLs) and that it should be able to run from anywhere.

    I'm still baffled as to why it runs fine from Assets\HoloToolkit\Sharing\SharingService, but not from a different directory. At least I have the source code now, though, so I can dig a little more.

    Thanks for your help!

    Mike Longtin

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