Is hololens a viewing device or a tool? Microsoft's mistake with HoloLens

All the marketing I see, and all the Microsoft vids I've seen show the HoloLens as a viewer only.

NOT AS A TOOL used to create something, only as a viewer.

For instance, check out this video which shows an entire 3D ecosystem (tools to design in 3D, 3d printing, 3d viewing) used to design ... an ecosystem.

But where in the video is the software tool that lets you build something directly in 3D virtual space? There isn't one, at least in that video which is meant to display the entire spectrum of 3D development and outcome with Microsoft's newest tools.

As a developer I followed Microsoft's guidance and started down the Unity path. It was time consuming and the simplest things took hours/days to learn/implement.

Then I pushed Unity to the side and started making great progress on all fronts.

Next, instead of considering the HoloLens as an expensive viewing device, I started treating it as a development tool and found a way to begin working directly in 3D virtual space, using HoloLens as the tool to let me get there, along with some custom software to let me work directly in 3D virtual space.

This changed my attitude entirely about the HoloLens. Once I transitioned from 2D monitors to designing in 3D virtual space, my attitude went positive.

Once I saw the HoloLens as a tool, my attitude about it went positive.

If Microsoft doesn't find a way to market HoloLens as a tool and doesn't start providing design environment and tools in 3D virtual space, I predict it will fail as a product. There are already enough gaming products ... and Microsoft was positioning it to create business value but instead we get figs with wings in their marketing materials.


  • I agree with you. I don't see a consumer actually purchasing one. Its too expensive and really not a lot available for it quite yet. Its kind of the WiiU of AR devices. Where I think it will take off though is industrial use with training, collaboration and shared experiences. Maybe next few gens if Microsoft continues to improve the device and actually give it some computational power, and make it $2500 cheaper, it has the potential to take some market space with consumers.
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  • Waiting for a Holobrush like tilt_brush.

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