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[Help] Basic Voice Commands Using the Device

edited January 2017 in Questions And Answers

Hi, I am a college student, currently a beginner in HoloLens Dev. I completed the Holograms 101 (Origami) in the Holographic Academy. I decided to apply that lesson into a project I'm doing, which is a simulator of the Big Bang. I added the scripts to my project for voice commands, and also the cursor provided in the lesson with the Gaze Gesture Manager.

The cursor shows correctly on top of my hologram (a sphere) and the air-tap gesture on that sphere works (it instantiates an object with a Particle System).

Expected Behaviour

  • Have a cursor that will display when the user looks at the sphere that represent the initial point of the Big Bang (working)

  • Do an air-tap gesture on a Sphere, in order to trigger a Particle System, to simulate the Big Bang (working)

  • Say "Load next" to move to the next scene, and "Start big bang" to start the explosion. This is the same effect as the air-tap gesture on the sphere. (Neither is working)


I created a game object "GestureManager", that has two scripts: GazeGestureManager, that manages the air-tap gesture and calls a method when the sphere is tapped, and SpeechManager, which takes care of the voice commands.

As children of the GestureManager game object, are the Sphere and a LevelManager game object.

The Sphere has a script called Exploder. It has an Explode method that Instantiates a particle system and destroys the sphere.

The LevelManager object has a LevelManager script. It has a loadNextLevel method that loads the next scene.


  • To try the LevelManager is working, I used the invoke to call the loadNextLevel after 20 seconds, and it works.
  • The scripts are basically the same as Holograms 101 (Origami) I just adapted it to my project.
  • I attached images containing a view of the scene in my project, and the scripts.
  • I am using the HoloLens, and not the emulator. I have changed all the settings to optimize the project for HoloLens.
  • In the scripts, I already tried different things, I left those statements as comments.

Any suggestion would be appreciated .

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