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holograms 240 sharing holograms

edited January 2017 in Questions And Answers

need some help on the tutorial chapter 3. could not place the hologram down even after 10mins. also, which of the 3 IP addresses is to be used for sharing stage server address? tried 3 of them but still could not place the hologram.

updated: checked that both HLs are connected, however, could not see each other. tried using HTK sharing test, spheres are at different location



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    Did you manage to figure out what the issue was? I'm having the same problem where using any of the three ip addresses still results in the app unable to load the network (after selecting the player, the cursor stays as dark purple for more than 5 minutes). When I run the app on Unity, it connects to the local server fine and in the terminal it says that I've connected to the server, however running it on the Lens, no message is shown at all.

    Also another question that I'm just going to add on: Can i deploy the app from just one computer but with 2 lens'? i.e. I start the server on the computer, deploy the app to one lens, let it load and then deploy it to my other one after. Or do I specifically need to have 2 computers, 1 running the server and the other for deployment to both lens'? I'm not sure how the configuration is supposed to work...

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    I'm having the same problems as @ccyuen and @felsiska could it be that the port to the server be the issue?

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    @ccyuen @Rodolink
    I managed to get the sphere from HTK to be in same position but still having problem incorporating sharing into movable objects. I tried these and managed to share fixed hologram:

    • computer & 2HLs need to be on same network
    • use correct ip address listed from Network and Sharing Center
    • check that session is running > deploy and load to 1HL > then deploy to 2nd HL
    • check that both HLs 'joined' the session
      normally if both joined, object should be at the same position after a while.

    note: holograms240 somehow does not work for me. so have to do trial & error with HTK example. hope it helps :smile:

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    @felsiska By "correct ip address listed in SHaring Center" why if I run the service in two computers, the same IP adressess appear? also by Sharing Center you mean the Sharing Service window?

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    @felsiska make sure your movable objects are in the hierarchy where the sharing code is. If the objects are outside that hierarchy, then their locations may not properly sync up. Let me know if that makes sense or if you need further clarification.

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    Does anyone have a clue, on why the sharing app connects to the sharing service if I run the project in Unity Player, but doesn' connect if I run from the emulator?

    -computer running service + emulator

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    @Rodolink It worked for me when I used the emulator on the computer that was running the service, although I tried on another computer and it didn't seem to work (but did after i fixed the IP)

    @felsiska When i used the second IP I managed to get it to work and I deployed off the same computer for all my lens'. Also I don't think this may be an issue but I set the number of players to 2 rather than the default 4 (under PlayerAvatarStore -> PlayerAvatarStore.cs -> Player Avatar-> Size -> 2) since I only have 2 lens' to test with. Alternatively it could be your firewall that's blocking connection access from other devices, so just make sure it isn't that that's causing the problem.

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    plz help hololens sharing

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    i can not share application

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