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Where is the "fixed" pivot of the holograms?

I have an issue with an unity project of mine. I am building a chess game using a surfacehub as the board and projecting the figures on top of it with the hololens. So the setup is, that the tablet displays the tiles and the hololens the figures.
The problem is, that the figures do not stick to their position if I move the head around. I tried to align unity's pivotelement to the center of the figurescollection. When I am standing behind my figures, they perfectly sit on top of their tiles. But when I walk around the table and look from the front, they are completely offset. They are "sliding".
As a little workaround I moved the pivot around, till it worked. But this feels not right. What do I have to do, so that the figures stay on their tiles regardless of the user's position.

The transparent green tiles are not displayed on the hololens. The hololens is only displaying the shown figures.


  • stepan_stulovstepan_stulov ✭✭✭
    edited January 2017

    In order for a hologram to be rigidly attached to the spatial mapping you need to add WorldAnchor component to it. Thus you delegate the stabilization of the hologram to its nearest topological surrounding to HoloLens's "magic".

    In your case it probably makes sense to attach the entire board rather than individual figurines.

    Please note that having WorldAnchor component and manually manipulating the coordinates of a hologram are two mutually exclusive processes. If you need to reposition the hologram in the spatial environment, you need to remove that component, change the position and add a new WorldAnchor.

    Is this what you want?


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