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Academy101 TapToPlace not working, exit with error code -1

'Origami.exe' (CoreCLR: DefaultDomain): Loaded 'c:\data\Programs\WindowsApps\Microsoft.NET.CoreRuntime.1.0_1.0.23819.0_x86__8wekyb3d8bbwe\mscorlib.ni.dll'. Cannot find or open the PDB file.
'Origami.exe' (CoreCLR: CoreCLR_UWP_Domain): Loaded
'C:\Data\Users\DefaultAccount\AppData\Local\DevelopmentFiles\OrigamiVS.Release_x86.Tianxin\System.Runtime.dll'. Cannot find or open the PDB file.
'C:\Data\Users\DefaultAccount\AppData\Local\DevelopmentFiles\OrigamiVS.Release_x86.Tianxin\WinMetadata\Windows.winmd'. Module was built without symbols.

Module information:
Built with Compiler Ver '190023918'
Built from '5.5/release' branch
Version is '5.5.0f3 (38b4efef76f0)'
Release build
Application type 'D3D11'
Used 'UWP'

OS 'Windows 10 (10.0.14393)'

'C:\Data\Users\DefaultAccount\AppData\Local\DevelopmentFiles\OrigamiVS.Release_x86.Tianxin\System.Runtime.Extensions.dll'. Cannot find or open the PDB file.'C:\Data\Users\DefaultAccount\AppData\Local\DevelopmentFiles\OrigamiVS.Release_x86.Tianxin\UnityEngineProxy.dll'. Cannot find or open the PDB file.
'C:\System.Reflection.Extensions.dll'. Module was built without symbols.

The program '[1432] Origami.exe' has exited with code -1 (0xffffffff).

Above is a few lines from the output console. This resulted in the tap to place function not working. Interestingly, everything else works perfectly fine: The display, audio and tap to drop the balls worked as expected. But tapping on the stage does nothing, the stage is not following the movement of camera at all.
I believe I followed the tutorial step by step and I don't think I missed anything. (Unless there is a severe difference on some settings between the version used in tutorial and my version 5.5.1)
Has anyone encountered similar problems? I appreciate some comments and suggestions.


  • To which object did you attach your TapToPlaceParent script?

  • @timg I attached it to 'Stage' object under OrigamiCollection.

  • @timg I'm running into the same issue currently, and have also attached TapToPlaceParent to the Stage object.

  • @TimC and @d19fe8, I'm not able to reproduce this aberrant exit using the 5.5.0f3 (64bit) Unity release.
    @TimC, you indicated you are using 5.5.1, but the debug text you included above says 5.5.0f3. Can you verify the build you're using? @d19fe8?

    Built from '5.5/release' branch
    Version is '5.5.0f3 (38b4efef76f0)'

    Can either of you load the completed project (either 8-Finale or 7-SpatialMapping) and see if the problem reproduces for you there?

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