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Spatial Map seems to be removing object's world anchor?

The object I am trying to move around my environment starts to float away if any part of the collider comes in contact with the spatial mapped mesh. I believe that the world anchor is somehow deleted when it contacts the mesh. I can grab and try to move it after it starts floating away but at this point there is no connection to the initial world anchor. It continues to float away from where I try to leave it.

I am using all holotoolkit scripts and prefabs.

My GameObject resides within an emptyGameObject which is the 'host'. The host contains my object and an anchor object. The anchor object has the WorldAnchor script. The GameObject has the scripts, Gesture Responder, Hand Draggable, and Tap To Place (the parent Game Object To Place is the anchor).

My InputManager has the scripts; Gaze Manager, Gaze Stabalizer, Input Manager Stabilization Plane Modifier, and Gestures Input.

Sometimes I'll get an error that says that the anchor is deleted before it can be called. but I don't see that error with this setup.
No other errors show up at this time.

Also, how and where do I add an error log to help me find problems? Is it added to individual scripts?


  • I figured it out, the rigid body clashes with the spatial mesh and breaks it. I have resorted to losing the draggable script and am just using the tap to place. I think I need to add a temp rigidbody while dragging then turn it off once placed.

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