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Locatable Camera in combination with SpatialUnderstanding

Hey everyone,
i got a strange problem on the HoloLens. If recently tried the Locatable Camera. Everything works fine, I can get the CameraToWorld Matrix with "PhotoCaptureFrame.TryGetCameraToWorldMatrix". But the moment I add the SpatialUnderstanding module to my Scene I cant get the spatial data out of the CameraFrame. The "PhotoCaptureFrame.TryGetCameraToWorldMatrix" function returns false. Also the "PhotoCaptureFrame.hasLocationData" returns false. The problem seems to be the call in the file SpatialUnderstanding.cs, SpatialUnderstandingDll.Imports.SpatialUnderstanding_Init();. If i comment that line out everything works fine again.

Does anybody has an idea why this is happening and how to work around this?


  • I am having exactly the same issue, and also confirm that the problem is the SpatialUnderstanding. I am right now looking for a workaround of the issue.

  • Similar issue. Did anyone find out anything more?

  • OK well I found out at least the easiest, but probably not best, way is to destroy the spatial understanding script right before you want to access the locatable camera. When it is destroyed, all of its resources are freed up, and it works fine, but don't forget to add the component back again when your method is through doing what it wants.

    I don't think they can process at the same time, but I may be wrong. Again, probably not the BEST thing to do, but it worked for my purposes.

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