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Room mesh not always aligned with UP direction in Unity

edited January 2017 in Questions And Answers


I am using Unity to develop a Hololens app.

Most of the time the room mesh that I receive from the Lens is aligned with the UP direction in Unity's world (0,1,0).

However, it sometimes occurs that the room meshes suddenly losses its alignment with Unity UP vector, which results in a tilted mesh (about 40 degree off Unity's UP direction).

(Please note that the room mesh looks perfectly fine inside the lens, its just that its UP vector is off compared to Unity's UP so it looks tilted in the editor)

(Please also note that once the tilt happens the room meshes will be tilted both on the editor with remote debug, and when running the app directly on the lens itself).

Now I understand that the origin of the room is different from Unity but 40 degrees seems a bit off, that would also mean that many game properties would have to be changed accordingly (gravity direction for instance).

The strange thing is that the room is normally aligned with Unity's UP for a while, and then it changes for no obvious reason and cannot be reverted back to normal alignment and remains off 40 degrees, unless I create an entirely new scene (some obscure residual cache value might cause the problem ???)

Could anybody confirm that this behavior is not to be expected, and that a room mesh should always more or less be aligned with Unity's UP vector?

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