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create "personal" encyclopedia?

edited January 2017 in Discussion

not a dev, ive just been interested in the idea of having a sort of
HUD personal data base for everyday things

would it be possible, and if so would anyone be willing to develop an app
like detailed below, and for my curiosity, what would go into creating such an app

an app that passivly watches/listens as you go about life,
that will compile biographies for people you meet frequently or tell the app is important,
remember where you put that thing you just had, or if you locked up your non "smart" door
or if you took your meds or fed the pet

and things like letting you take a look at the nutritional facts box
on all the things you consumed within a time period, and being able to calculate your intake
or look at price tags and help you keep track of how much you spend
remind you, that you didnt care for that restaraunt your looking at

along with stuff, like remembering what channel and time your tv show is on
or creating an alarm, cause you forgot to turn your usual alarm on before giong/falling asleep
or even catalogue/inventory your lifes possesions if you feel the need
passivley keep track of books/movies/games you read/watch/play
and other such things,
maybe even try to predict the rest of a sentence you were trying to say, but forgot

or generate a HUD (or periscope effect), like if your typing on the computer,
but need to see your fingers on the keys, or be able to see what your diong on your phone w/o having to look down

if your reading this, thanx for reading through the whole thing


  • altreaveraltreaver
    edited February 2017

    to further advocate,

    there would be medical interest in this sort of application

    whereas, a patient could be given the device, and observed for diagnostic
    purposes, (as opposed to relying on what is often a single 1hr interview,
    or overnight observations, which can be skewed by change in environment)

    funtions could be expanded to emulate a "virtual caretaker"
    or "virtually enhanced therapy"

    people with memory compromised OCD can be reminded that they preformed a task or ritual
    those with various fear disorders can be assured they are in no danger
    (ie; arachnophobe, the device could look up and tell the person that that spider harmless, can only cause minor irratation, or warn them it is dangerous
    and sugest asking someone else to deal with it apropiatly)

    also along with therapy, it could be altered to preform as
    a vitrual mentor or coach/instructor/educator
    both as a stand-alone, or supported by "live" services

    also can give the device a "medical button" service like greatcall
    (like onstar for cars, but for medical response, not just a gps hot button for 911)

    obviously, id be personally interested in all these potential uses
    (except for the medi-buton, but itd be a promotory safety feature)

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