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Why can´t Hololens be my new cellphone?

Is it possible to integrate all cell phone functions into a Hololens, so I could:
1) see my "phone display" as a "fluctuating display" at a certain distance of my sight?
2) hear all sounds by the Hololens earphones?
3) select an app by virtually click on an icon on the "fluctuating display"?


  • 4) use Cortana as my assistant for other purposes?
    5) avoid neck pain caused by the usual position people use to see the cell display?

  • Skype?

  • altreaveraltreaver
    edited February 2017

    honestly, that would be a good "door opener" to increace product popularity
    and public image

    as you could market twards people with disabilitys,
    whom then could submit for a medical aid payment/discount (insurance)

    and "oh by the way look at all the other functions possible"
    it generates discussion among personal circles increasing likely hood
    of others purchasing

    skype, was a cheap cop-out, the topic is basically,
    could the hololens have "basic" smart phone capability
    but in a heads up, virtual interactive manner

    which skype itself has none of, basically only being the modern name for videophone, mostly unchanged since the 1950s, just on a smaller device

    honestly, now days, i dont think this kind of device will ever take off
    without having basic smart phone funtionality
    there was even chatter albiet in small groups, that nintendo and sonys
    latest handhelds could have had phone built in aswell
    but the counter was that technically you can use the internet
    to make phone calls, so they technically did have a phone

    and im sure tech developers would argue against making a device that
    1, everyone already has (a phone)
    2, that people would not be inclined to buy a device
    that may function at a lower capacity for that purpose

    however those people would be over looking the idea that people
    are unlikely to look to the hololens for thier new smartphone
    but would be interested for its other functions
    and be happily convienienced, that the hololens could double
    as a secondary phone

    also introducing a sleeker cheaper hololens
    designed to be a HUD smartphone, but with feature/apps
    that only work for hololens type device
    would increase public interest, and potential revenues

    personally as a person whos smartphone is more often used as a paperweight, i would shell out 6-800$ for a primarily smartphone device
    or 9-1200, if i could get that "encyclopedia" app i mentioned in my own post
    (price increase due to memory and battery upgrades)

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