3D model scale and units


I'm trying to create a model in fbx format by constructing it in C++, using the FBX SDK. The model shows up fine in FBX Review, and also in the 3D Viewer app, except for the scale. I am not able to visualize the model in a 1:1 scale (real size). Are there any hints on how to do that? How are units interpreted by the app, and how should I construct my model such that it does not scale? Or can I prevent scaling in the 3D Viewer app?

[And does this also depend on the FBX SDK version?]



  • I've experienced 1000x scale sizes with fbx from blender. Which makes me believe that its an issue with their exporter. From Maya, they've been pretty consistent as long as you freeze the transforms. I'd love to hear if there are any remedies other than Applying a .0001 scale to the world matrix.

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