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How to toggle the visibility of a group of objects

I want to create 2 collections each of which contains several object. I want to toggle the visibility between each other.
I want to give a command to speech manager and change toggle the visibility between each of the groups.
After creating these collections in Unity, I don't know even how to get access to them in c# code. I only know I can broadcast message to them and trigger the callback functions.


Best Answer


  • @ShayneKiekebosch said:
    What code do you currently have?

    Do you have the speech manager all set up?

    What have you tried in terms of toggling the visibility?

    I would recommend trying this:

    GameObject collectionToToggle = GameObject.Find("nameOfCollectionGameObject");
    //To make invisible
    //To make visible

    Thank you for your reply. I worked it out.
    Part of your code is right, but
    GameObject.Find function can only work for active objects. So it needs another way to work around.
    For example, I associated member variable with components in Unity to make it work.

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