Hello everyone.

We have decided to phase out the Mixed Reality Forums over the next few months in favor of other ways to connect with us.

The first way we want to connect with you is our mixed reality developer program, which you can sign up for at https://aka.ms/IWantMR.

The plan between now and the beginning of May is to clean up old, unanswered questions that are no longer relevant. The forums will remain open and usable.

On May 1st we will be locking the forums to new posts and replies. They will remain available for another three months for the purposes of searching them, and then they will be closed altogether on August 1st.

So, where does that leave our awesome community to ask questions? Well, there are a few places we want to engage with you. For technical questions, please use Stack Overflow, and tag your questions using either hololens or windows-mixed-reality. If you want to join in discussions, please do so in the HoloDevelopers Slack, which you can join by going to https://aka.ms/holodevelopers. And always feel free to hit us up on Twitter @MxdRealityDev.

Concerns with the Future

Unity seems very limited with what you're able to do. Shouldn't you be able to program the holographic computer with the holographic computer?Is there any alternative to using C# or C++ when making apps? How would one go about making an operating system for the hololens?How would one go about creating a new app development software like unity? The potential the hololens has is tremendous and its still in its early stages but we should act on what we can create for the future as soon as possible.How would one make a holographic website?
Just a few questions i have about the future of holographic computing.


  • You question is a bit like why can't an iPhone run Android OS! For specialised devices the OS is intertwined into the hardware so you can't really separate the two. But is goes further than that as the Hololen's has special holographic processors which was developed specially for the Microsoft Holographic OS.

    Your development is limited to UWP + DirectX or UWP + Unity.

    There are a ton of step through examples of how to build these on the Microsoft web site.

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