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Manual White Balance and Exposition for Locatable Camera

In our project, we want to make several photos with the fixed settings to have them matching together. So far, we did not find a solution. We tried many aproaches:
1. There is no function in the Unity interface to set the Exposition or White Balance.
2. Using UWP, there is possible to set manual values using Windows.Media.Capture.MediaCapture.VideoDeviceController, but then the photos have to be taken in the same context (MediaCapture), using UWP functions.
3. When we tried to use functions like PrepareLowLagPhotoCaptureAsync we had no access to the location info (coordinate system and matrices) for the photos.
4. Microsoft people found that there is possible to obtain some location info when we use MediaFrameReader. However, we found no documentation what exactly the info (MediaFrameReference.CoordinateSystem, MediaFrameReference.VideoMediaFrame.CameraIntrinsics) contains and how to calculate the matrices we need. Moreover, this approach is based on capturing of video stream and resolution of photos (and FOV) is limited.

Is there any chance to either add functions to set Exposition / White Balance to the Unity interface (prefered) or extend MediaCapture classes (LowLagPhotoCapture, AdvancedPhotoCapture) to contain also CameraView and CameraProjection matrices?

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