Urban Planning / City Model Viewer App Complete!

Hi Everyone, I recently completed an app for visualizing city models and plans. This was a project I worked on with Wismo for a city near Shanghai.

See a video of the project here:

Let me know what you think! Here are a few features I want to highlight:

  • Shared holograms! Multiple people wearing the HoloLens will all see the same experience together.
  • Ability to enter into an "immersive mode" to see a very large scale of city areas
  • Pop-up information windows for various parts of the city


  • Wow. is this app available for demo?

  • When you say shared holograms - does everyone will look the model at the same position? or their own positions where they launched the app?

  • mr0ngmr0ng ✭✭

    @sudhakar82 yes, it's a shared experience. People can launch the app at any time and from any position. As long as they are in the same room - everyone will see the same holograms and experience the same interaction together!

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