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Sharing GameObject Activity

I'm still reasonably new to HoloLens development (and Unity scripting) but I'm getting to the point where we would like to try and get our apps into a classroom setting.

Right now we can share the initial state of the App that we deploy on our HoloLenses. We would like to activate and deactivate based on UI buttons (similar to those found in the InputManagerTest scene), these buttons activate and deactivate a number of holograms that are contained within the app (not spawned). When they are activated the hologram appears only on the local HoloLens. Could someone please tell me how to broadcast whether or not a GameObject is active in the scene or not to other HoloLenses?

I feel it must be within the CustomMessages.cs script but for the life of me I can't see how to incorporate what I need.




  • You're on the right track with CustomMessages.cs. Go ahead and take the Holographic Academy 240 course if you haven't already, and make sure to take good notes when they cover the messaging portions. If that doesn't get you on the track to success, follow up with these steps:
    1. Starting with CustomMessages.cs in the 240 project code, find all references for the message types from the enum and all SendWhatever() methods that are in the class.
    2. You will see the pub/sub nature of the messaging:
    * create new message id
    * create new Send method
    * subscribe to new message in your code
    * call the Send method as appropriate from your code

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