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Question about sharing

I've gone through the Holograms 240 tutorials, but unfortunately only have one Hololens to work with at the moment :) I do have a question though.

I know that I can have a group of people sharing a hologram and seeing it placed at the same point in 3D Space. But how about a scenario where I've got a number of students lined up along a straight table. Each has a Hololens, and each has a real-world model of something, say an automotive water pump, on the table below them. They also each have a hologram of that same water pump just to the left of their respective real-world models. As the instructor says something like "Step 1", each student sees their respective hologram disassemble for step 1, whatever that might be. In other words, they're sharing the same hologram, but the hologram is seen by each student in the same place relative to their current position. Is this something that is possible?



Best Answer


  • Thanks Mark. Nice to know it can be done...now I'll just have to figure out all of the coding. I'll be trying to merge the sharing code from 240 with my current project, which as I've been reading, can be a bit of a challenge!


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