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Unity Camera FOV?

I'm having trouble understanding how the Unity camera Field of View setting relates to the HoloLens FOV experience...

I want to set my Unity camera FOV high (60) because it gives a good perspective and you don't get zoomed in on everything. However the official HoloLens Unity camera has a FOV of 16 which is too zoomed in for my game.

Do I have to use a FOV of 16 because that's what the experience in HoloLens will be like?

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  • stepan_stulovstepan_stulov ✭✭✭
    edited March 2017 Answer ✓

    Hi, @kenhes, and welcome.

    Concept of manually changing fov in a mixed reality app is meaningless. The rendering is driven by the real environment and the hardware. Changing fov would be like swapping your eyes, changing distance between them, etc. You should treat fov as a read-only runtime value and adjust your visuals according to it.

    However if you want to get in-Editor or in-emulator experience close to that on HoloLens I believe setting camera's fov to 16-17 degrees would do the trick.

    This answer should help:

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