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How to get spatial mesh boundaries and spawn objects only inside the room?

Hey all. I've been trying to limit the spawning of objects to the user's space using the spatial understanding API and have been encountering issues. I was able to partially circumvent the issue using the Bounds class from Unity, which looks at the mesh and builds an arbitrary cube that covers some of it, but most of the room is still being ignored.

What's the easiest way to get the boundaries of the room - or spawn things anywhere where there's empty space?


  • What do you mean exactly? You spawn objects but they only appear on a small area from your physical space as opposed to using the entire area?

  • I want to actually spawn things within the room. If I spawn on random sets of coordinates, things can end up behind walls, under the floor, inside furniture and so on.

    I wanted to leverage the spatial understanding data to only spawn objects inside the mesh as a whole (with outside in this case being behind walls, ceiling, floor, inside furniture, etc - anything that's behind the mesh).

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