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New Innovative Business Proposals for Microsoft HoloLens.

edited March 2017 in Projects

These are the business proposals for New Reading/Studying, Writing Notes, Hands-On Work, and Hardware Innovations for MS HoloLens I have shared with various Microsoft Department Reps on Twitter (with great response)!

1) I believe with the camera functionality of @HoloLens, screenshots of book pages could be exaggerated for educational purposes.

2) HoloLens Digital Highlighter integration applications.

3) Textbooks can feature @HoloLens holographic apps surrounding you with supplementary edu. material while reading.

4) Since you're able to use a computer while wearing the @HoloLens, a simple desk lamp would allow for book reading.

5) With hardware integrations such as @livescribe Smart Pen, notes can be holographically enhanced.

6) Microsoft HoloLens External Spotlights for Reading and Hands-on Work (Turn ON/OFF).

These can be aftermarket products or ideally integrated into future generations!

7) Automatic Book Scanners allows holographic enhancement of entire books pages.

8) Also great opportunity for desktop scanners to connect with the @HoloLens. Thanks for the inspiration & learning experience.

9) Post-Secondary Lecture Halls are perfect set-ups for Open (to institution students & staff) @HoloLens Intro/Demo Lectures.

Excellent place to gather e-mail lists for customers and @windowsdev Holographic Academy clients, while educating.

Bonus Proposals:

10) Consider adding a Holographic Guide Dog for highlighted pathway guidance!

11) #mixedreality #fashion app with Holographic Jewellery Design. Allowing users to customize jewellery.

I'm a student at The U of Calgary, in Canada. Please help me intro. my new studying applications of @HoloLens to all schools/students/staff.

I look forward to discussing this with all of you.

Thank you.

Jaswinder Brar.
[email protected]
Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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