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Is the hololens able to recognize real objects???

Hey guys,

i want to know if the hololens recognizes real objects while gazing at the real objects?
I want to gaze the real object and the hololens should recognize it, i want to add virtaul information to the real object? How can i realize that? Also how can i anchor holograms into the world??? I have problems to use the HTK correctly.

Does anybody know how to fix that issue, its very important for my project.

I appreciate any answer
thank you


  • james_ashleyjames_ashley ✭✭✭✭

    @VR_HSRW1 ,

    Neither the Holographic APIs or the toolkit support object recognition (like knowing that a ball on the floor is a ball). For this you'd theoretically have to integrate additional tools like OpenCV or Vuforia -- though I haven't yet seen anyone do this with great success.

    You anchor holograms to the world with spatial anchors. The best way to see this at work in a simple sample is by looking at the TapToPlace example in the HTK.

    James Ashley
    VS 2017 v5.3.3, Unity 2017.3.0f3, MRTK 2017.1.2, W10 17063
    Microsoft MVP, Freelance HoloLens/MR Developer

  • Hi @james_ashley,

    thank you for your answer!

    So the Hololens is not able to recognize real objects. I need extra Tools, SDKs to realize that, right?
    I thought in the HTK there are some scripts that allow, that the hololens can recognize and detect real objects, like a milling machine, so that the hololens knows that the machine is exactly that machine, it tracked.

    My docent wants me to make it like that but i dont know how to do that.

    Thank you

  • Hi @james_ashley,
    can i scan real objects with the hololens via Windows device portal or just scan rooms with spatial mapping???

  • james_ashleyjames_ashley ✭✭✭✭

    If the HTK can detect milling machines, that's a feature I must have missed. I don't know anything about it. You can get a solid mesh of your room and then download it through device portal. It's a solid model, though. You can go through an manually try to pull objects out, but ASAIK there's nothing to do this for you automatically.

    James Ashley
    VS 2017 v5.3.3, Unity 2017.3.0f3, MRTK 2017.1.2, W10 17063
    Microsoft MVP, Freelance HoloLens/MR Developer

  • Ok allright,

    i just tried to scan the milling machine and updated the spatial map in the device portal but i think i did it to fast, i cant neither recognize the machine nor anything, i scanned the machine but the solid mesh in the device portal is not clear

  • Your best bet is probably to dig into vuforia's object recognition features. This is high on my list of things to try but I just haven't gotten to it yet. Please reply back with any successes!

  • Hi @BillMcCrary,

    I already tried object recognition with a small object like a wifi router and it worked, but the frame rate of the added hologram to that real object is really bad and the hologram is drifting. It is a option to realize such an issue due to object recognition but i am not entirely sure if it would work with bigger objects like a big milling machine or maybe with a combustion engine of a car, which is a bit smaller.

    Let me know if you just tried it.

  • For me Vuforia works flawlessy. As soon as Vuforia recognizes the target, I disable it and HoloLens takes over tracking (works only for non-moving objects)

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