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Adding General Double Click Anywhere - Unity

Hey fellow HoloDevs!

I just wanted to share a way I am setting up a double click custom event in your scene without having to be over a certain object with a collider or UI component.

First, add the prefab from the HoloToolKit-Unity "InputManager". Under that you will notice a "GesturesInput.cs" script.

Next open that script up.

Go to the OnTappedEvent.

Just above it add:
public UnityEvent DoubleClickAction; private int clickCount = 0;

Next go into the method, at the end of it add:
clickCount++; if(clickCount == 1) { StartCoroutine(waitForDoubleClick()); }

Now we can create the waitForDoubleClick() method:

IEnumerator waitForDoubleClick() { yield return new WaitForSeconds(.5f); if(clickCount >= 2) { Debug.Log("[GESTURE INPUT] Double Clicked"); DoubleClickAction.Invoke(); }else { clickCount = 0; } clickCount = 0; }

I made my wait .5 seconds, but you can change that to make it longer or shorter. Now go back into Unity and setup your Unity event to invoke the call on another script on another object.

Have fun!

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