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Sharing service documentation

Where can I find further documentation on the sharing service? The readme in the repo for the sharing service list a bunch of features like lobbies, VOIP, etc but no documentation on how to use them.
Also this post seems to indicate that we can deploy this service on Azure, is there any official documentation regarding this?


  • ContextVRContextVR ✭✭✭

    Have you done the Shared Holograms tutorial yet?

  • I'll be honest.

    We haven't documented this very well yet. :)

    You can get the gist of lobbies from the Shared Holograms tutorial.

    I'll be even more honest...

    If I were creating a shared experience I planned to ship, I would probably use the Photon Unity Networking rather than the Holograms 240 service. At least at the moment, the sharing service requires us to set flags that will fail when submitting to the Windows store. Also, while you can deploy the sharing service to Azure, you will be highly reliant on knowing the IP address in Azure. Photon (and Unity's networking) have more robust discovery infrastructure implemented.

    I might also consider the networking built into Unity, but my experience and anecdotes from others has been that the built in networking tends to break when Unity updates. I had good luck with Photon the last time I tried it.

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  • When will the community receive more documentation?

  • I still would provide reference code for both Photon and Unity UNET--UNET will be the One True Way to network once Unity gets its act together. I mean, basically EVERYTHING in Unity breaks every time there is an update anyway....at least with 5.x. We just have to live with that.

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  • I am curious about the flags that need to be set that would fail submission. We have a couple of builds that have been accepted in the store (though not published) that include all of our sharing code. I am curious if ours succeeded because it is only setup for local connections or if the issue that was causing it to fail submission is no longer an issue.


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