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Path visualization in large space

Hey folks,

I'm working on a project using the HoloLens outside(I know, its not designed for this, bear with me). This is a proof of concept to test the capabilities of AR outside. I need to render a path on the ground in a large terrain. I will be testing it primarily on a cloudy day most likely.

Here's what I have. I will have accurate GPS data of the user. I have a high resolution DEM(data elevation map) of the terrain. Now I'm wondering if I can use the GPS data to know where they are in the DEM. The path will not be dynamic so it won't need to be updated. I just need to render the path along the terrain and have the user follow it.

I've got indoors path visualization for the most part. This is much more straightforward utilizing the mapping capabilities. Is there any way to not use the mapping capabilities or use more than the mapping capabilities.

I haven't found anything online and would appreciate any help in figuring out if this type of visualization is possible/using GPS data and a mapped terrain is possible.

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