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I'm looking for help from public to companys that can help myself develop more of this project or help fund this project. Also just to help spread this message that i'm creating something different that can help others and point me in the right direction.

name of my Project start up - I.M.M.E

which stands for

imagine making memories everywhere.

It a catching branding

My self is seeking funding and help to develop a project which is very close and personal to me. What my project involves is bringing Real time 360 degree footage in a virtual reality world.
I record special events and spectacular wonders to old historic buildings ,arts and educational etc. Anything throughout England and Europe and the world . I can record with a 360 degree action camera and bring that footage through a app .
I bring that footage back and convert it to make it friendly and fun for children with a disability and children stuck in hospitals with a terminal illness. I've created a very unique technique to it were i strip all background noise out and replace it with calm relaxing music and sounds and specific scenes to stimulate the brain activities this help children with a disability. Which has proven to make them more relaxed so it Making my adventure become there adventure to give something back to them. We take life for granted and do things most children may not do in there life time, but my project changes that. With my project we make them feel they are there and give them a memory to remember. With us been a city of culture i can capture all the great things and deliver that to schools and family’s across the world, they might not see what happening in hull so they won't miss out, but at the same time make it a educational experience.

My daughter who is called Imogen is were I got the branding name from, she was born with a disability called Williams syndrome with this she struggles to gain basic things and has a hard time learning new things. Taking this on board I've created a prototype to this project and showed my daughter it and it changed her development and progression in learning. When you see the video below you'll see imogen pushing her self to answer questions and trying to say things it a great achievement. It got a lot more benefits to it also but I know this project will benefit so many children and young adults who suffer with a disability.


Market research report;
The project is very positive and I’ve had no negative views on it, all the parents loved what i'm trying to achieve to give children a safe and new exciting adventure. Also my daughter school fredrick holmes have seen what the potential it got to the children and have taken on board to help . The university of hull have also seen what I’ve created and was amazed by it also and they took it on them self to help also .

My daughter and i made a video of her using the project to see what the public and the world thought of the project and showing the world proved to be better then I thought. To my amazement it went viral and reached as far as new Zealand and Usa. Then I started getting messages from schools and healthcare professionals saying this is a first and can see what I’m trying to do and achieve.

I want to develop a App that different and make it for a special media player to play back the videos so were it adaptive so parents can pick which setting is best for the child disability.

Below you'll find a link to a youtube video so you can see the impact it has.


It been a pleasure writing this to yourself if you feel I've missed any information I'll be more then happy to answer them for you. This project is very unique and schools & university’s to healthcare see what i'm trying to do and say I'm the first that trying to do this. Also the department of education have liked the idea as well . Can anybody help towards this amazing and new project that gives something back to children.

Thank you so much


Craig Chaytor Founder of I.m.m.e


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