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Why does my old unity file get overwritten when I import a new one in the Hololens?

edited April 2017 in General

I have been trying to import three mildly complex 3D models into my hololens using unity and also visual studios. I had successfully made a model in unity and imported it into the hololens. I was able to clearly view the model with no lag. The problem came when I tried to import another model. The other model would be present in the hololens after the import, but it would overwrite the previous model already there.

I tried using the 3D viewer beta Microsoft made, but my models were too complex for it to handle and display. Finally, I also changed the overwrite scripts from unity and took them out, however; the problem still persisted.

If there is another way for me to import all of my models like an app or a framework, could you please suggest one or a way to make it so that unity doesn't overwrite my files.


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