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Get the minimal distance to the walls

Hello, I'm discovering the spatial mapping/understanding and I'm trying to get the position of the nearest wall in order to be sure that an hologram is in the same room as the user.
I read most of the script and wrote this code.
void CheckPlanes() { float minDist = 1000f; List<GameObject> walls = SurfaceMeshesToPlanes.Instance.GetActivePlanes(PlaneTypes.Wall); foreach (GameObject plane in walls) { if (Vector3.Distance(plane.transform.position - new Vector3(0, plane.transform.position.y, 0), camera1.position - new Vector3(0, camera1.position.y, 0)) < minDist) { minDist = Vector3.Distance(plane.transform.position - new Vector3(0, plane.transform.position.y, 0), camera1.position - new Vector3(0, camera1.position.y, 0)); Debug.Log(minDist); float cst = Mathf.Abs(character.position.x / character.position.z); character.position = new Vector3(minDist * cst / (Mathf.Sqrt(1 + cst)), character.position.y, minDist / (Mathf.Sqrt(1 + cst))); teleporteur.position = new Vector3(minDist * cst / (Mathf.Sqrt(1 + cst)), teleporteur.position.y, minDist / (Mathf.Sqrt(1 + cst))); } } }
But when I build it I get a nullreference on the walls list.
I use this function when the application launch so do I just have to wait for some time or did I do something wrong ?

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  • trzytrzy ✭✭✭

    Argh. I wish these forums had a better markdown format.

  • trzytrzy ✭✭✭

    Anyway, for object placement, consider using SpatialUnderstanding. It's much more complicated but you can perform interesting queries, including finding the largest wall, placing objects on a wall, and constraining them to be a certain distance from the user or other points, etc.

  • Thank you for your answers I'm going to see if I can make this work.

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