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HoloToolkit - How can I create PERSISTENT session from console/web based client?

I'm using HoloToolkit library in C# console (and web) applications, only to create a session (to which other HoloLens based clients will connect later). But it is only creating ADHOC session despite passing SessionType as PERSISTENT.

Following is the Main() function code:

XToolsApp xToolsApp = new XToolsApp();
Timer timer = new Timer(60);
timer.Elapsed += (source, e) => { xToolsApp.Update(); };
NetworkConnectionData networkConnectionData = new NetworkConnectionData(xToolsApp)
UserName = "TestUser",
ServerAddress = "localhost:20602",
ViewerAddress = "localhost:20603"
xToolsApp.SessionManagerListener.SessionAdded += (session) =>
if (session.GetName().GetString().Equals("Default", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase))
xToolsApp.CreateSession("TestSession", SessionType.PERSISTENT);

In above Main() function code, the statement "xToolsApp.CreateSession("TestSession", SessionType.PERSISTENT)" calls the following function:

public bool CreateSession(string sessionName, SessionType sessionType)
XString nameXString = new XString(sessionName);
LogWriteLine("Creating Session " + sessionName);
if (!this.SessionManager.CreateSession(nameXString, sessionType))
LogWriteLine("Failed to request a new session!");
return false;
return true;

Then, finally, in above function, the statement "this.SessionManager.CreateSession(nameXString, sessionType)" calls following method which was auto generated by HoloToolkit.Sharing library and I think this code calls native code (inside SharingClient.Dll file which is placed in bin folder):

public virtual bool CreateSession(XString sessionName, SessionType type)
bool ret = SharingClientPINVOKE.SessionManager_CreateSession__SWIG_1(swigCPtr, XString.getCPtr(sessionName), (int)type);
return ret;

So, you see that I'm passing Session type as PERSISTENT but I still always get only ADHOC session created, which closes itself as soon as my client leaves that session (as no other user is present in that session). What should I do to get PERSISTENT session created from my client code?

P.S. - I created same question in forum yesterday but it is not appearing (may be due to pending approval?).

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