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Optimization of performance and project size

Hello, it seems that I have broken my project. The total project size has gotten too large and I can't seem to get it to be smaller.

I duplicated what I knew was an overly heavy scene and added it to the build. (just testing something) Turns out I over did it and it made the whole app very very slow. Every scene was lagging behind and it even crashed when I moved too fast. So I went into the 2 large scenes and deleted the obvious problem elements. This should have had a large impact on the file size. I tested it and it was still extremely slow. So, I removed the extra scene. The file at this point should have been lighter than my original project (which was working fine before) because I had deleted a ton of objects.

Why is my project still having such a hard time? Is there a way to purge or properly clean up the build file? Am I missing a step?

Why doesn't the project get smaller when I remove things?

Thank you in advance for any help and advice!

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  • Thank you Mark so much for your response. Since then I have drastically reduced my total file size. Yet I am still having a performance issue in 2 of my 3 scenes. I have replaced all large FBX models with simple ones as well as removing a lot of other things and extra scenes. Total file size went from 3.8Gb to 1.7Gb.

    While this did help, I am still getting about 20FPS while looking at a basic FBX that is about 1200Kb total and materials that are just basic colours. Before the performance hit, I had models way larger that were running way better than it is now. This scene is running the worst yet has the least information in it. See the attached image for the small list of things in my scene. The model doesn't update very well when I move around the room. It gets all warped then snaps back into place.

    What are other ways to analyse performance and try to narrow down what is causing the drag?

    I can see that the cpu usage ranges from about 20-30% (when running well) to 30-40% (When dragging) but I can't tell what is being so difficult to process.

    I really appreciate any tips or tricks to help me fix my program. Thank you!

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