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Vuforia SDK/ImageTarget: How can i improve the quality of holograms.

Hi guys,

i want to know, why holograms are very wobbly, when i launch my project. What is the reason for the quality and how can i solve that problem???

Thank you for your attention, i really appreciate any help!



  • @VR_HSRW1,
    first ,your imagetarget must has the same size(width and height) with the real picture.
    then,your should keep a few distance to watch your holograms,not too near;
    last,you can add world anchor for your holograms.

  • Also the Vuforia image target pose detection is tied to device camera's frame rate + some additional latency. I believe the rgb camera is only running at 30fps on the hololens, and by the time the application gets that frame, does target recognition and pose estimation, and then renders the next frame its already pretty far behind.

    This is a large part of the reason for why vuforia targets appear to lag and why movement of the image targets is choppy. Is this the kind of behavior you are experiencing?

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