Deploy Options not Available in Visual Studio

Hi, I am trying to deploy to the Microsoft Hololens from Visual Studio but the options "Device", "Remote Device" etc aren't available. The only option is for me to build the game with "Start". I am in Debug, x86 and yes I am opening the Visual Studio file that Unity built for me. If anyone knows the issue or reason I'd highly appreciate it. I am also using Visual Studio 2015 update 3.



  • Your probably have set one of the Assembly-CSharp projects as your startup project. Right click on your actual project (the one named after your Unity project) and choose "Set as StartUp project". The correct deployment options should now be visible.

  • No, it is not right @JannikLassahn
    For my case, the Startup project is not Assembly-CSharp projects and I still don't see the option but "Start" only.

  • @Harisunn: Have you been able to work it out? I've been encountering this same issue with options unavailability.

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