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Bug Holograms 212 - Struct variables not visible in Unity editor

Dear WHDF,

I wanted to add speech recognition to my app and tried to walk through the holograms 212 tutorial. Unfortunately when I added the keyword manager script I immediately saw that the public variables where places in a struct and thereby not visible in the unity editor.

the following variables are placed in the script which you are supposed to set in the editor:

    public struct KeywordAndResponse
        [Tooltip("The keyword to recognize.")]
        public string SpecifiedKeyWord ;
        [Tooltip("The UnityEvent to be invoked when the keyword is recognized.")]
        public UnityEvent Response;

When I place the variables from the struct in a field it immediately works but that is not how the code works. I clean downloaded the file from MS and I am wondering if I am doing something wrong or if the tutorial just contains a bug.

Of course a recommended fix would also be welcome but for now I think I have to set the struct in a different way?



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  • Thanks, That would have been usefull in the tutorial :P But that means i can specify multiple words which is nice.

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