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Difference between Navigation and Manipulation


The question probably explains it all. I have seen these two input methods being used in HoloToolKit as well as the tutorials Holograms 210 & Holograms 211. Can someone explain what is the difference between navigation and manipulation. More specifically, the difference in how the HoloLens understands these commands and which gestures relate to these commands,

Thanks in advance,

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    @DavidKlineMS ,

    Thanks for that early and precise answer. I have a small detail which I would like to get clarified before I move forward with my project.

    How do we know how much of the hand movement in case of NavigationUpdated corresponds to 0.5 or 1.

    I ask this because, for my project, I need a method where the distance moved by my hand from the NavigationStart state (stationary state) should be directly proportional to amount of rotation ( and similarly the amount of scaling factor i.e, *1.1 or *1.2 etc) to be given to the gameobject.

    Since the ManipulationUpdated is similar to a mouse as in the movement is directly proportional and the value can theoretically go up-to infinity, I guess manipulation is the better method for me. Am i understanding this correctly?


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    That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for that answer.


  • Thanks @DavidKlineMS , it was troubling for me that this distinction is not clearly described in Holograms 211.

    I could not understand the rationale behind the use of the "navigation" keyword for a scaled and bounded manipulation. Navigation has a very different meaning in VR (locomotion) and it made its definition within Hololens libraries very confusing to me.

    Another question, is the clicker movement input only functional with the "navigation" GestureRecognizer?


  • Hi,

    The difference between navigation and manipulation mode remains difficult for me. Navigation and Manipulation are resp. like a joystick and a mouse. Manipulation is rather for moving while the navigation is for rotating. We have a finest control with the manipulation mode.

    But I do not succeed to put in evidence these differences in practise. Do you know where we can find a demo illustrating these points?
    Another question is how to switch between these modes like in the script GestureManager of the academy tutorial 212?


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